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Default Sweet Home Translation - Need Help!

Hello folks!
I have done a few translations of NES games to my native language before (Swedish) and now I am
really set to do one on the game "Sweet Home"

I have done the title screen, but then I am stuck.
The text in-game is compressed and I don't know how to proceed.
Every clue to this case would be appreciated!

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Musashi, who did the hacking on Sweet Home, disappeared from the scene over a decade ago. I don't recall him ever mentioning any compression in the game, however. Nor does he mention it in the readme file for the English translation which goes somewhat into the technical aspects of the hacking. Are you positive that the game is compressed?

Edit: I just took a stab at the ROM and was able to edit the text without issue. Keep in mind that the font has several random characters between 'r' and 's', so if you're trying to do a relative search for words that have letters from both halves of that equation, it won't find it normally. The text definitely isn't compressed.

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