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Default Restless Dreams

last night it was incredibly hot in my room. Couldn't get to sleep. Sharing my bed with a restless sleeper doesn't help either.Later in the night, I open the window to let some cool air in. I eventually fall asleep and have a dream where someone (i can't remember who at this point) gives me some LSD, and we plan to go on a 'trip' together for the night. All the while I'm mentally nagged by my conscience reminding me of my obligation to my job in the real world. When I woke up, (24 mins ago) I was far more tired than before heading to bed. Yup,I'm going to be doing some funny shit today... I expect cereal in the fridge, and Milk in the cupboard... I hope your day starts better than mine :P
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The 9th Sage
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Those kinds of nights are the worst sometimes.
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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Cereal in the fridge, milk in the cupboard ... you mean those are not normal things to do!

I am constantly doing stuff like that. Drives my wife crazy. Sometimes it is dangerous ... like turning on the wrong burner and the burner that gets turned on just happens to have a brand new jug of vegetable oil that I am opening.......
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