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Default Pit Stop v0.7.3 (Kid Icarus Editor)

Well no more using Kid Edit. A Windows version of a Kid Icarus editor has arrived! Included in this second release is basic level edting, tsa editing, palette editing, and enemy generator value editing. Hopefully the user interface is intuitive enough.

http://dahrkdaiz.googlepages.com/Pitstopv0.7.3.zipCome get it!</a>

Other sprite editing (items, grim reapers, etc) can be viewed in my version but not edited yet. I've still yet to look for dungeon data, but that will come in the next version.
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Default Re: Pit Stop v0.7.3 (Kid Icarus Editor)

Even as I get unmotivated while working on an editor for a SNES game, I'm actually very happy to see this (especially considering that I had never paid attention to the fact that there had been an editor for this game already). Kid Icarus kicks ass and I think I'll check out the editor in the next few days.
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