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Azul Fria
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Default Mesen v0.8.0

I've added a new emulator to the Windows NES emulator section


Mesen is a NES/Famicom emulator and NSF player. It is still a work in progress and under active development.

  • High Accuracy - A lot of effort has gone into making Mesen as accurate as possible
  • Support for over 215 mappers (out of approximately 220 known mappers, over 99% of games supported)
  • NES, Famicom (including Famicom Disk System), Dendy, VS System, NSF, NSFe are all supported.
  • Supports: Save States, Movie/Audio Recording, Screenshots, Cheat Codes
  • Net Play - Play online with friends
  • Built-in Debugger
  • Automatic updates - Mesen is able to check for updates and automatically install new versions of itself.
  • Other Features: 7z/zip archive support, numerous video filters (xBRZ, Scale2x, NTSC, etc.), sound recorder, sound effects, etc.

Technical Details
  • Core built in C++ with a C# user interface.
  • Multi-threaded - Emulation, Video Filters, Rendering, Net Play and UI all run in their own threads.
  • Runs in 32-bits or 64-bits mode depending on the operating system, with the same executable file

The name "Mesen" is both a Japanese word (目線 - meaning "point of view" or "a person's gaze") and a terrible pun on the term "NES Emulator": "NES Emulator" → "NES Em" → "Mesen" (backwards)

This release is a beta - save states, movies, etc. created with this version may not be compatible with future versions of Mesen.

New Features
  • Emulation: Added several new options to enable/disable model-specific quirks.
  • Command line: Added command line options for most video/audio/emulation settings.
  • Debugger: Added several new features (Hex editor, TBL file support, code editor, graphic editor, and a lot more), improved performance and fixed some bugs.
  • Games: Headerless roms can now be loaded (if they are found in the built-in game database).

Bug Fixes
  • Emulation: Improved accuracy of $2006 write behavior (solves minor issues in 2 games).
  • Emulation: Improved accuracy of $2004 read behavior.
  • Emulation: Improved accuracy of sprite overflow bug emulation.
  • Misc: Several small bug fixes.

Download it here or at https://www.mesen.ca/
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