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Default Crystalis ROM dumping tool (partially complete)


A few years ago I began work on a Crystalis ROM dumping tool. My ultimate goal was to create a full-blown ROM editor. However, as I disassembled the ROM I determined that this was not feasible. All of the in-game event triggers (which basically define the game's story line) are hard-coded as individual "if-else" statements scattered all over the code, and all hard-coded to specific room numbers. The event system is not table driven. Given this, I did not think that it would be feasible to create the type of editor that I had in mind.

However, I do have code (in C++) to dump all of the maps and maps connection points (these, thankfully, are table driven). I also have some extensive notes on the inner workings of the ROM. I also wrote a custom 6502 disassembler just for the purpose to dumping the crytalis rom. It takes as input the iNES format rom file and a custom symbol file and outputs commented disassembly. (currently doesn't compile - Gentoo Linux just updated flex&bison). This is a command line tool for Linux.

Is anyone interested in picking up the torch on this one?
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So it's been a few years since this was posted...

I got the C++ code and started hacking on it. I made a graphical ROM viewer for Crystalis. It still needs a lot of work but I'm using djenkins code for loading the maps. Besides that, my viewer loads all the string data and bitmap data.

Here's a link:

Basically you just need a Windows machine capable of running .NET. The link above also has the source code. I've found a lot of offsets into the ROM and found out how the strings are stored (for the most part).

If anyone has more information about Crystalis (memory offsets, anything), post it up here and let me know. Otherwise, let me know what you think about the project

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Hey folks, if anyone is following this project...

Newer version uploaded (version 1.1). Tool and source code available.

Direct download links:
[url=http://www.brianclifton.com/downloads/2011-01-17_Crystalis_11.zip]Click here to download the ROM viewing tool[/url]
[url=http://www.brianclifton.com/downloads/2011-01-17_CrystalisSource_11.zip]Click here for the source code in C#[/url]
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