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Vampire hunter D
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Default This year has been dreadful.

This year has been horrible, not just for me, but for my family as well. I'll go in chronological order of the events that took place that made this year a nightmare.

My nephew was born with severe defects and all of us were afraid he was going to die. He had to undergo six surgeries within the first four months of his being here. Fortunately all the serious problems have been absolved and he's happy now, he still needs one more surgery, but it's nothing major.

One of my older brother did something stupid and damn near lost his kids for good, and ended up losing custody of the youngest one to his second ex-wife. So we let him stay in our guest house with my (At that time pregnant) older sister and her boyfriend. On July 4th he got drunk and started cussing everybody out and making threatening calls all night so me, my younger bro, my sis, her boyfriend and my mother stayed in a hotel room that night.

Then, a little over a week later, my eldest brother died. That entire week was Hell. The night it happened seemed like a dream, like it just wasn't real. Worst of all, a bunch of insesnitive bastards started bad-mouthing my sister-in-law saying she was gonna spend all his insurance money on stupid stuff andnot take care of the kids. The bastards. The entire time we were goign through that all she ever talked about was how other people were feeling, how dare they say shit like that about her. Makes me so damn mad.

Then after that one of my puppies went missing. Then the male dog dissappeared.

And today is my eldest brother's birthday, and to make matters more depressing my last puppy was hit by a car this morning.

Normally I wouldn't talk about this stuff online, but I need to vent somewhere.
I wish this year would just end. Or the world would just hurry up and explode.
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