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Default Mobile Phone Emulators?

Hey All,

I was wondering if this was possible so we can get to play some of those mobile games squareenix are releasing in japan or even mobile games in general.

Thanks in advance

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Default Re: Mobile Phone Emulators?

If you meant to be able to play them on your phone...you don't need an emulator. Most of the squeenix games are java, so as long as your phone has java, you can play them. The trouble is connecting to their networks to download the games, and since japan uses (for the most part) a completely different type of cellular network than america, you won't be able to get them.

If you meant on your PC, then i dunno. They're java, so couldn't they just run in a standard PC java enviorment? I guess it just becomes a matter of getting them off the networks and onto disc.

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Default Re: Mobile Phone Emulators?

yeah here are a few:

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Default Re: Mobile Phone Emulators?

> apparently yeah. maybe they're just not listed on zophar's
> domain yet.

Maybe arrogant fucks just don't submit news to Zophar's Domain when they find something that isn't on ZD.

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