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Default Re: Curious about a certain GBA Game

Heh, just buy it. Its super cheap now, i got mine for 12 bucks, versus the 70 it cost when it came out Its short (beat it at a wedding), but fun.

And there is a way to get infinite sun, in-game. You have to finish the game once to be able to do it though (hint: it involves the seed planting, and a Mr Rainnot/TonniarRM :P)

Plant the Tonniar RM RIGHT at sunrise, (edit the clock to do this), that way the dew from the tree will fall onto him and make him a Mr Rainnot. Then just use the Mr Rainnot and keep changing you clock to make sure it never runs out. If you already have a Rainnot, then don't even bother doing this, just use it and edit the clock :P

Or you could just whore out the Dark Card, once you get it :P Theres really a ton of ways to get around the sensor. Maybe even do the infite battery if you want.

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Default Re: Curious about a certain GBA Game

> be playable like the really thing. But still it'd be like
> trying to play an emulated Kirby Tilt n Tumble, as it

Speaking of which, Kirby Tilt n' Tummble (which I have) doesn't work on a Game Shark for the simple reason that it is upside down. Also, to add an added challenge, you could purposely play it that way.
Also, wouldn't it not work on GBASP?

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