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Default Zelda Actor Placement 2 and other Ocarina of Time Tools

This is the entire last releases of the ZLE collection, every tool I released for hacking The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time. I've included Links to source code for each, and I encourage anyone to pick up and use any code they want, I only ask that you give credit.

ZAP2 : Zelda Actor Placement 2


This is THE tool for beginners! Seems almost impossible how it works, but it modifies the game while you are playing. Read the Simple Example of how to use.htm in the docs sub folder, and you will be placing actors in no time flat! If you only download one of these tools, make it this one!

ZLE2: Zelda Level Editor 2


Works the same as ZAP2, only with landscaping. Far from complete it does included tools that allow you to EDIT IN ROM TEXTURES!!! Several additional tools can modify anything from the start screen, to Icons, Actors textures, and even Level Titles.

ZTE: Zelda Text Editor


Used extensively on the Zelda's Birthday project, it's a complex and rough text editor, but way more advanced than editing in a hex editor. Source included, really you can make a better one.

ZLE: Zelda Level Editor


Crude, but quick. ZAP is still a good, quick option for actor placement. It's collision editor still has some options that can prove very useful.

ZLE has had a final update, please use the install version to get the program...installed, then copy the update files over the originals in ZLE's directory.


As promised the inner workings of the ZLE2 family will no longer be a mystery. Do as you like with the code, just please credit me when you use it.


Thats it, thats all I had. Questions, and comments email me at john_smith_account@hotmail.com

Have fun.

Thanks to

MNGoldenEagle for the community
Cendamos for all the cool hacking stuff
JayTheHam Along with Cendamos' early work , your work is the basis for all my programs.
Cooliscool for all the help, without whom ZLE never would have got off the ground, look for his Utility of Time, a truly powerful OOT hacking tool!
Xu_Yuan, Wise fellow and a great hacker.
Spinout and Souylsin, Kept on me to make ZAP2

And most of all to

Dark_Link-77 for being a great friend

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these links no longer work. they just take me to a search engine. sorry
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This post was last updated over 2 years ago. If you expected it to still be active, you should probably read a book about the Internet. Look for them on Geocities.
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