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Default stay in safari zone as long as you want and pokemon cannot flee

hey guys do u have a pokemon sapphire rom?well your in luck,you can enter the safari zone for free and stay as long as you want--step-1 enter this code in your gameshark CE2CCCB25D8D815D.step-2 enable the code.step-3 go to the safari zone.step-4 when you enter the door you will see a black patch that you cannot walk in on your left with this code you can walk through it.go through the black area so the man that collects the money does not see you.enter the other door and thats it you can catch any pokemon and they cannot run from you just remember to buy balls if you dont have any.when you through the door you will see at man at the door in green,when you want to leave just fly out or talk to the man in green and he'll let you out remember not to walk at the man that collects the money from you.good luck if you have any questions post them on the forum or send your message to oll-bogolo@hotmail.com here is a code that lets you get 4 billion dollars instantly type it in your gameshark 1B3E8B0CE075B270 dont mix up zero for o the number is zero this is for 99x rare candies A44AFB0B6808D662 heres a code to catch feebas on route 119 11E584060C731B08
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This isn't emulation news >.>

I don't know the best place for this really so I'm throwing it in Console talk.
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