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Default Fceux 2.0.2

A new version of this excelent NES emulator has been released.

This release focuses on top-rated user bug and enhancement issues; stabilizing the SDL build; and repairing things that we had recently broken while adding other features to the emulator.

bug: restore support for old-format savestates.
bug: restore savestate load error-recovery system
bug: restore IPS patching capability which was lost when archive support was added
bug: restore ungzipping (and unzipping in sdl) capability which was lost when archive support was added
bug: SF [ 2046985 ] SRAM not wiped on power cycle (during movies)
bug: palflag 1 in .fm2 files crashes fceux
enh: add lagcounter and lagflag to savestate
enh: support loading movies from archives

bug: remove cnrom chr rom size limit for homebrew roms
bug: upgrade to cah4e3's latest mapper 163&164 code to fix a crash in a game
bug: mmc5 - 64KB WRAM games now work correctly
bug: mmc5 - use of chr A regs for BG in sprite 8x8 mode is fixed

bug: fix a bug which caused fourscore emulation to fail in some cases
bug: SF [ 2030405 ] Avi recording: no sound b0rks format
bug: SF [ 2040448 ] View Slots bug - does not include new savestate naming
bug: prevent windows from memory re-positioning themselves in the abyss when theyre closed while minimized
bug: removed broken hotkey ctrl+x (prevented cut from working in accel dialogs)
bug: fixed the (null) in the default lua directory listing
bug: SF [ 2037878 ] Convert .fcm doesn't do special characters
bug: SF [ 2046984 ] Player 3/4 input events recorded even when not used
bug: SF [ 2047001 ] Low speeds crash FCEUX
bug: SF [ 2050371 ] FCM>FM2 converter should release file handle
enh: added input display to the FCEUX main menu
enh: auto-fill .fcs extension in save state as dialog
enh: change config filename from fceu98.cfg to fceux.cfg
enh: new toggles: frame adv, lag skip (menu item + hotkey mapping + saved in config)
enh: added a mute turbo option in sound config
enh: add an option to pick a constant color to draw in place of BG when BG rendering is disabled (look for gNoBGFillColor in config; 255 means to use palette[0])
enh: added shift+L as default hotkey for reload lua script
enh: SF [ 2040463 ] Add an "author" text field in the record movie dialog
enh: SF [ 2047004 ] Moviefilenames without extension don't automatically get fm2 (and they need to)
enh: print a special message when trying to open an FCM reminding user to convert
enh: movie replay dialog displays fractions of a second

bug: restore the debugger snap functionality
enh: add FORBID breakpoints - regions which block breakpoints from happening if they contain the PC
enh: debugger window is now resizeable and therefore useable at 1024x768
enh: nametable viewer correctly displays more cases (some MMC5 cases I needed)

bug: all commandline options now use --argument as they always should have.
bug: fix issue which was resetting config file
bug: Saner sound defaults for less choppy sound
bug: Fixed a bug that would crash fceux if the emulation speed was overincreased
bug: fixed --input(1-4) options
bug: build scripts now look for lua5.1 and lua (distributions package lua differently)
bug: prevent frame advance from crashing emulator
enh: New default hotkeys more closely match win32 defaults
enh: --special option fixed for special video scaling filters
enh: rename options --no8lim -> --nospritelim and --color -> --ntsccolor
enh: Screenshots now always prepend the game name.
enh: Changed default A/B from numpad 2 and 3 to j and k.
enh: Enable frameskip by default
enh: change config path to ~/.fceux/fceux.cfg
enh: Added lua script loading hotkey (f3). Non-win32 SDL requires zenity for this to function.

bug: SF [ 2041944 ] Savestates remember Lua painting (and they shouldn't)
enh: add memory.readbyterange to emulua

-- zeromus
Download here.
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Originally Posted by laserbeak43 View Post
uhm, what?
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