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Default Missing GBSs

This is a problem with the GBS archive that I'm not sure if you're aware of. The GBS sets made by matrixz that you added back in June of last year are now missing, for some reason. These are:

* Astérix
* Bionic Commando - Elite Forces
* Bomberman GB
* Bomberman Max - Red Challenger
* Darkwing Duck
* Donkey Kong Country
* Donkey Kong Land 2
* Donkey Kong Land 3
* Double Dragon
* Double Dragon 2
* Double Dragon 3
* Kirby's Pinball Land
* Megaman Xtreme
* Megaman Xtreme 2
* Tetris DX
* Tom and Jerry Part 2
* T.M.N.T. 2 (aka Back From the Sewers)
* T.M.N.T. 3 - Radical Rescue
* V-Rally - Championship Edition
* Wario Blast
* Wario Land 3

Just wanted to point that out. I hope you re-post them, for the sake of everyone who uses this site. Thanks.
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