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Default The Gentleman's Cheat Code Conversion Guide

Here you will see & learn how to convert NTSC (U) to PAL (E) and PAL (E) to NTSC (U) cheat codes. The Gentleman has simplified & prepared this guide for "you" the "users" to get the most out of adding & making your own codes to the cheat file database. You can also Convert codes between versions of a game by following the examples shown below.

Q: What does code converting mean and what does it do ?

A: Code converting means to change the code's structure, so that it will be able to work in a game from another region.

All you need to convert codes between both regions are:

1) NeToSoft - N64 Cheat Copu Tool

2) A reliable source for NTSC & PAL cheat codes, like the PJ64 or 1964 cheats databases or one of the sites we have links to in

the link section

3) Some time to read and understand what is explained below.

Step 1: You need to have a cheat for the (E) and (U) region games, that does the same thing. For example Infinite weapons,

infinite health or something. The important thing is that it is that the code does exactly the same thing to both regions.

Step 2: Make sure that the codes you want to use work, for example by trying them in PJ64 or 1964.

The Hackmaster
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