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Default Debate: Best Time Zone

GMT-6, bitches. Central Time for life!
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I'm pretty sure we already had this debate on this board because I remember Lillymon trumpeting the +/-0. However, 'Central' means 'Most Important' and 'Most Important' means 'Best', so yes, Central Time obviously wins. That's why they show TV shows in the Midwest earlier than they do on the east coast, because we're more important.
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I think central and mountain time get it up the ass

TV shows that advertise their name in central always put eastern first. I believe it is the same in the west. Coastal areas may get priority because of coastal sea ports and whatnot. This is all me talking out my ass, but it seems likely.
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Richter X
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I'm gonna have to say Pacific. People on the Eastern zone stay up so late because we're all talking to the Pacific folk. Or maybe that's just me. ^^'
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