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Default PMEME

Ok so I downloade the pokemon emerald master edition hack. Its a zip file. What do I next? Do I unzip it or leave it? What should I do with it to make it modify my emerald rom?
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once you unzip it, it will likely be an "IPS" Patch.
- you will need to DL Lunar IPS* (EASY to use program).
- open lunar IPS once you've downloaded/installed it.
- and then click "apply patch".
- then it opens a menu for you to select your patch.
- dbl click the patch file (within the window that pops up-hey, some ppl are actually that dumb and need me to explain it so please, i mean no offense).
- a diff mini-window will pop up, this is asking you to find the ROM file of pokemon emerald or w.e the original game is. (Dont ask for roms here. Google is your friend, and our admins will wtfpwn you if you ask for roms, so just dont, K?)
- once you've dbl clicked your original rom file, it will say "file was patched successfully!!!!omg!!"

some things to keep in mind if you are a newbeh: a lot of rom hacks/patches(not all though) need to be the only patch applied to the rom. if you patched your original copy and didn't make a back-up (BAD!!*shakes finger*) then you'll have to dl it again.

I managed to give you some advice before you got trolled, have a fun weekend with yer game
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Thankyou good sir
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