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Question A question...

First of all, I want to say, I'm new here, and not good at these things :P Sorry if there already is a post about this or something.

Well then, I Installed VBA becasue i wanted to play the most fun game imo, pokemon :P

But, when i downloaded a game from Limewire (SAV),
I couldn't open it in the VBA, neither could Windows open it, and i couln't extract it.

I could really use some help so i can play these wonderfull game :P

Sorry to bother you, and sorry for typos if htey are there, or simillar things
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Fla Flash
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.sav format is a gamestate save..and I'm not sure if it's for VBA or No$GBA. At least, I think so.
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.SAV is a generic extension for battery backups (ie, the normal save game such as you would use on a regular cart, not the instant save states that most emulators utilize in addition to the standard save feature.) VBA uses .sav as the extension for save games, but so do a lot of emulators for various consoles.

Gameboy games utilize the .gb or .gbc extension and Gameboy Advance games utilize .gba. I wouldn't bother using LimeWire to obtain ROMs, it's much easier to just search for the title of the game you're looking for, plus the word ROM on Google and you'll usually find it in the first couple of hits.
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Old 07-18-2009, 09:30 AM   #4
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Thanks for hte reply, it worked
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You should also get a better P2P than Limewire also. It's a huge resource hog. I've never seen a PC personally where Limewire didn't make the PC virtually useless to do anything when it was running. If I remember right it is a Java based program "not sure on this" and that is why it makes everything else on the PC slower. I had it on my PC which ran fine a few years back and it slowed it down so much I removed it less than an hour after installing it.
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It is indeed based on Java. There's not much left in the P2P world, I mean, besides Bittorrent clients. Even Limewire is lacking use these days.
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