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Default CHD Question

I recently updated mame32fx from december 08 to the new .133u1 version and i found that all games I have that have a CHD, no longer show up on the available list. how can i fix this? Its annoying to search through the all games folder to find a game I wanna play. (killer instinct is the game thats not on the list). It used to be there. Help pls!
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I believe you must update all your .chd files. To do this you must have the program chdman.exe in each of your CHD folders. Then one by one open a command prompt in each CHD game folder and type for example: "chdman -update kinst.chd kinstnew.chd" Now delete the kinst.chd and rename kinstnew.chd to kinst.chd. Do this with all your chd's and they should show up in MAME after you rescan your rom folder.

It's a pain in the ass. I've done it before and it's extremely time consuming but it works in the end.
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CHD that reminds me... (sorry to piggy-back off your thread)

Has anyone got Konami's Powerful Baseball '96 to work in ZINC? If so, how?

I think i have a good romset and i got the CHD from Zophar. But when I load it ZINC crashes.

Using the ZINcGUI 1.9.5 front end and all the other roms work just fine. I'm a n00b at mame-class emulation.

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