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Default NSF echo question

Hey Everyone,
I had a question about playing NSF files. I have noticed that there is a sound difference between the various NSF players available for both mac and windows and the emulator Nestopia. What I am hearing is that the NSF players play a more raw sound while Nestopia seems to have an echo added on it that makes the songs sound richer. I am wondering if there are any NSF players that can do this echo and also... what is this echo thing? Is this something in emulators only?

I am trying to rip a collection of NES songs to wav files and I want them to sound like they do with Nestopia. I know I can record via Nestopia, but it is easier to use the NSF players since they are able to rip based on track number.

I hope this was enough info! Thanks for any help in advance.
-- tms
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Solved my own issue! Thanks anyways guys. Look forward to participating on the forum
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