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I just read a thousand of these youtube comments for the Avatar trailer:

This movie was sad, but beautiful. I really liked it and I think I have never experienced something that emotional from a movie before. When I was watching the Tree of Ages cut down by those bastards me and my friends couldn't stop crying in the cinema...


Avatar is not a plagiarism James Cameron really dreamed the story!Those motherfucker soviet dicks with their 30 years old The noon story and Disney with Pocahontas!They just want to get money by suing Avatar that this is a copy of their story!


People all over the world - unite each other! Against all destructive forces ....


You can tell even only by the advert here the director is insane. Because to come up with something this brilliant you need to have some sort of madness inside you!


Even through Cameron made both movies, AVATAR ROCKS THE SHIT OUT OF TITANIC!!!!


I LOVE THIS MOVIE ... 3 hours of being in another world and forget everything around you!!!! god do i love it !!!!


james cameron track record of sequels: The man made T2 that is simply 100x times better than T1.

An Avatar 2 that would be 100x times better than this one.... I would have a heart attack in the theater, it would literally be too much to handle


global net worth of over a billion that is why avatar fucking rocks
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