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Default Takeda's common project Build 09/20/2010

A new version of this pack of emulators for multiple systems has been released. These are the changes:

  • [VM/EVENT] support to run extra frames for continuous sound
  • [VM/IO] support to register the return value
  • [VM/IO] refine i/o map registrations
  • [VM/UPD765A] support external drive selection
  • [VM/UPD765A] fix not to output index hole signal if disk is not inserted
  • [VM/DEVICE] support interface for memory mappied i/o
  • [VM/I8237] fix bank register
  • [VM/I8253] fix counter latch before the counter update event is occured
  • [VM/MEMORY] support general memory bus
  • [VM/SN76489AN] fix noise generator
  • [VM/UPD765A] fix to wait 100usec before go to result phase
  • [VM/UPD7220] fix not to terminate write command after data is set
  • [VM/UPD7220] support interface to get the cursor address and top/bottom lines
Get it at the author's website. It'll be later available here.
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