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Vampire hunter D
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Default Switching CDs with ISO images.

I recently downloaded a two disc Sega CD game in ISO format, and I have no clue how to get my emulater, Gens, to switch to disc two without restarting the tom. I've tried mounting the image to a drive using a program I have, but Gens won't even recognize the drive. I've even tried Kegafusion and Gens+. neither of them will read the mounted drive either.
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i havent tryed playing sega cd games on an emulator ether, but if it is anything like the saturn emulation, there is probably a button in the taskbar for 'open' and 'closing' the drive. since its a virtual dive, i assume you would still need to do this, but when it is open, change the virtual drive disk from the 1st iso to the 2nd and then click close.
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Reaper man
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uuuuh, you do realize that this thread is over a year old, right?
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