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Default Re: PSP EMUs cometh...

> Perhaps the PSP people could do something like this for the
> PSP?

Hmmm perhaps, or maybe Sony has just made it much more harder.

Anyways, looks like a SNES emu is in the works now by the same person who did the GC emu.
Source: http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=28469

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Default Re: Big screaming deal.

> Point is, until someone finds a reasonable way to run
> unsigned code that doesn't rely on bugs in a particular
> firmware revision, Sony can just keep cranking out new
> firmware revisions that the games will automatically
> install, and everyone's happy except the crackers.

That rather sucks for them...at least if Nintendo does that somehow with the NDS (although I don't think it's possible except since you need to short a specific connector you can access via the battery cover to flash it) at least you could fall back on whatever *Me (PassMe, WiFiMe) method you used to run the Firmware update program in the first place. I'm sure someone'll figure out a better way for the PSP eventually...actually I'm sort of suprised that it happened so quickly on the DS.

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