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Big Brother has come to realize the importance of manipulating people by monitoring their interests and making sure that information gets to the right people who can profit from it. What worries me the most is just like most other illegal things, we are first sold on them by a "pretty packaging" just like this lil ol' internet in the early 90's I will never forget how loud the rallying cry was about KEEPING IT FREE. Just like all voices, it dwindles someday
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What is this. i don't even
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Reaper man
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This is a backroom thread it seems now.
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i guess i am just getting paranoid over the whole nwo take-over scenario. i see how net surveillance could help in apprehending bad guys however it is too often that regular people end up getting knocked around by the infrastructure (ie joe hero imprisoned for carrying a bit of cannabis is one).

here is a quote from the dead philosopher alan watts that i like.

The police have enough work to keep them busy regulating automobile traffic, preventing robberies and crimes of violence and helping lost children and little old ladies find their way home. As long as the police confine themselves to such activities they are respected friends of the public. But as soon as they begin inquiring into people's private morals, they become nothing more than armed clergymen.
courage mates!
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