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Default Dungeon Master hacks.

Does anyone remember playing "Dungeon Master"? Well, I just recently stumbled opon a port for it, and the first sequel of it "Chaos Strikes Back" for Windows, Mac, and Linux, called CSBwin. Now, I can't speak for the other versions, but I can tell you, the Windows one is great. It's a direct translation of the amiga versions, not an emulator.

After about a week of messing with the thing, I realized that there is a community of Dungeon Master hackers. See here:

And here:
http://www.dungeon-master.com/forum/...1de68e6cfc0fb1http://www.dungeon-master.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=31&sid=82743c256c748040841de68e6cf c0fb1</a>

I've only started playing one of these hacks, and it's really good. It's called Conflux III.

If you were a fan of the Dungeon Master series, back in the day, check this out.
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