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Sliver X
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Default Dragoon X Omega II v1.26

*edit* A point release, v1.26 has been released that adds a couple of features.

After discovering the armor bug in v1.0, I've been working on the hack. Much has been fixed, balanced, and added. This includes:

Armor works..

Massive gameplay adjustments: You gain money faster, weapons are stronger and cost less, some PSIs are more powerful.

Two new items: The Pill, which is like a "Hipotion" type item. The original weak healing item called the Pill is now called the Herb. I also created an item called Opta, which boosts your Agility, Luck and Psyche by +1, permanently.

A new subquest has been added, which is required to learn the Level 7 and 8 PSIs.

The title screen and intro screen have been redone.

Muzzle flash animation when Sargon attacks.

Black dialogue boxes, with disabled sprite layer.

Treasure chests are more visible in dungeons.

The super secret items in the game have hints to their locations.

Lots of bug fixes; primarily the attackable tiles in people's houses.

And more. There may well be one last version with expanded maps (We found a way to squeeze more map data into the ROM), but as far as gameplay is concerned this should be it.

The homepage has also been updated with new images, and a bunch of statistical information that may be of help in playing the game (Monster lists, equipment lists, PSI explanations, etc).


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