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Default Convert GBS tracks to WAV?

I would like to convert the internal tracks of a GBS file to individual WAVs, but Winamp (using Disk Writer) only allows me to convert the first track plus silence.

The problem is that when a GBS file is added to Winamp, the tracks are not listed in Winamp's playlist, rather the GBS file acts as a playlist (showing only a single track in Winamp) and choosing tracks is done by using the "Next" and "Previous" buttons.

To play GBS files, I am currently using Meridian v0.4.2. I have also tried mudlord's GME plugin v1.0, but it really didn't seem to like being used with Disk Writer.

Has anyone successfully achieved what I am wanting to do?

Edit: Just tried NEZplug v0.9.4.8 - no difference, they all handle GBS files the same way.

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The only way I know of to get this to work - and it's a real pain in the neck - is to get to the track you want to convert first, stop the playback, THEN change the plugin to the correct output (Disk Writer). While the Disc Writer is going, I believe you can hit the next and previous buttons, and each time you do so, a new WAV file will be generated with the new track.
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Thanks for the reply, Montie2k.

You're right it would be a real pain in the neck because I'd need to record each track for 2-3 minutes (to make sure I don't cut off the end of the track), and then run each track through a wave editor (like Audacity) and manually remove the silence from the end of each track. However, I was trying to avoid this as it is quite tedious work and the duration (number of samples) of each track won't be exactly the same as those in the GBS file.

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