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Default Recording Video of Emulator Gameplay

So there's a bunch of people who upload videos of emulator gameplay on eg youtube. Anyone here who captures video?

It seems like it should be a straight forward thing but I've encountered enough obstacles to give up and ask you guys what the smartest way to do this really is.

I started with Nestopia, which is supposed to have a video capture feature but alas there is no such option in my menu. Just not there. Yes it's the newest version. Then I tried out Jnes, which is a better choice too since a ton more Game Genie codes work on it, but the capture system is far from logical AND when I finally have recorded a bit, then replayed it saving it through various different codecs the final product is always super blurry.

The only thing that has worked is to use a separate screen capturing app recording my desktop. And that's not very handy.

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If your Nestopia doesn't have a Movie Player submenu within the File menu then you're probably just hallucinating the entire thing. I think I did all my old movie recording through FCEUX, but I probably used Nestopia at some point too.
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In Nestopia, under File > Movie Player you may have to click "File" first, then browse and save the file. And then the "Record" option will become available.
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