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Default Re: "In God We Trust"

> I guess that's what happend when you syncretize like 100
> different and opposing religions into one unholy <u>mush</u> of a
> faith.

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Default Re: "In God We Trust"

I realize this is almost a week old, but I completely agree. Canada isnt as bad, but it still isnt where it should be.

I wouldnt care so much about it if
a)it wasnt shoved down my throat
b)I felt they understood my opinions and respected them as I respect theirs until proven they dont respect mine.
c)that stupid shit like not being able to smoke inside a building that isnt private property or anywhere within 15 meters of an entrance or exit to such a place, is illegal... because those nonsmokers deserve to breath in smokeless air. Why doesnt this apply to religion? because it harms the body? i find my mental state important too people.. and shoving it down my throat just isnt cool.

Leave your tobacco and religious paraphernalia at the door. Thank you

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