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Default On the collaboration of EmuWiki.com/Zophar's Domain

If you've been reading the site lately, you may have noticed 'via EmuWiki.com' on some of the news posts. This is because we've partnered with EmuWiki, one of the more comprehensive emulation archives out there (which I liken to an 'emulation history book'). Given the huge amounts of emulation information out there, the admin of EmuWiki has been a great help to use here at Zophar's Domain as far as keeping our site up to date. He's pretty much an honorary staffer, besides being a pretty nice guy. Anyway, now that I've introduced him, I'll let him take it away:
Zophar's Domain is one of the most dominant general emulation website in the short history of the emulation scene. Since 1996, this site has been providing its users with quality information, news and downloads related to emulation. The lead of the site was passed from the founder Brad Levicoff to Sam Michaels in 2000, and then more recently to Edman and his team (Reaper man, The 9th Sage, etc...). During its 13 years history, the site has been having some great times and some harder times. When I created EmuWiki.com in November 2007, I was mainly motivated by the fact that Zophar.net had been down (archive state) for approximately a year, and I felt the public needed a website where all emulators could easily be downloaded, including the emulators on some more exotic platforms like handhelds and everything. Some hard-to-find emulators were still hosted in the archive that Zophar.net had become at this time. Luckily the site was still hosted and I had the occasion to download lots of precious emulator versions to start building the encyclopedia. After 1 year of pre-opening here at EmuWiki.com, as I was about to announce the official opening, I learned that Zophar.net was back with the new team.

The content on EmuWiki.com is completely licensed under the GPL (except emulator files, see FAQ for more information). That means anyone can use this information ANYWHERE, as long as we are quoted properly. In theory, someone could open a website called EmuWiki2.com and copy & paste all the content and do whatever he likes with it, including changing it (as long as it is specified that the new parts are not from EmuWiki.com). This is not trivial : it means that when you contribute to the encyclopedia, you create knowledge that will be displayed in the encyclopedia in the first place, but that could be used anywhere else too. I won't go on describing all the projects I have in mind since this is not the point of this post, but I do think about making a transfer of all history pages on every single emulators to Wikipedia when they are complete.

I recently had a chat with Reaper man on IRC. He told me that staff was hard to find for Zophar's Domain and that the amount of work was too great for the current team. He asked me if I was interested in becoming a news poster at Zophar's Domain. Altough it would have been an honor for me to be part of this great site, I refused the offer because I just put too much time in EmuWiki.com and I can't share this time. I also think that the 'history book of emulation' (as described by The 9th Sage) that we're currently building here is a priority and is much needed. However I made an offer to the team that they accepted. What if when a news is published on EmuWiki.com, an automatic system would submit that news to Zophar's Domain (by changing the format to fit the Zophar sytle). I designed an extension that does just that. Every news published on EmuWiki.com is now also published in the Submit Emulation News forum at Zophar.net. That way the admins at Zophar's Domain can pick the news they like and publish them on their site. That's what the GPL license means : use the content as you wish, modify it, publish it, reuse it. You could even sell it with some conditions. I've been working hard on news recently, trying to keep up on a daily basis with the releases of the wonderful emulators that are published every day. My goal is not necessarily to have EmuWiki.com become a news-centric website. I think the role of EmuWiki.com in the scene is to preserve the emulators, and preserve the information about the history of emulation. However the news are a good way to keep copies of every versions of every emulator so I will go on updating them on a daily basis. And at the same time, if it is interesting for users who want to follow the evolution of the emulators, and if it can help the guys at Zophar's Domain, that's 3 birds with 1 stone.

I'd like to take this occasion to speak to people who are programming emulators or people who are close to the programming teams : if you are looking for a nice way to expose your releases to the world, do not hesitate to use the EmuWiki.com news system. I'm currently the only one using it regularly, but what I'd like to see at some point is the beta testers or the fans of particular emulator come and update their favorite emulators and tell us about the development. Since I'm trying to follow the whole scene, I can't really come up with in-depth information on every release, but I'd be happy to see some people with specific knowledge about some emulators take the responsabilities. It takes about 3 minutes to update an emulator in its respective section and to write the news content, and it's all done in 1 page and 1 click. Simply click on the Edit link below the description of an emulator, and there you go, you just need to replace the old files with new ones. Also, if you publish ports or frontends for certain emulators and you don't want to make a whole webpage about your project, do not hesitate to publish your stuff in EmuWiki.com. Once your file is uploaded to EmuWiki.com, you can use the link (http://www.emuwiki.com/images/yourfilename) wherever you like : on your favorite forums, your own website, your blog. We have no problems hosting your files so use us!

Peace to all of you, peace to the Zophar's Domain staff, I think there are some great times ahead for the emulation scene.
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This arrangement appears to be working out great.
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