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Default modding asteroids deluxe space duel MAME ROMs for better colors/sound

Two things annoy me about the Atari vector arcade games Asteroids Deluxe and Space Duel (inside MAME):

1. the thrust sound in Space Duel is high-pitched and lame; I would like the thrust sound to be like the original Asteroids

2. the green colors in Asteroids Deluxe; I would like the super-bright vector display colors of the original Asteroids (or at least the color to be white/gray like the original)

Does anyone have the knowhow to make these changes to the ROM files? I think this would improve those games.

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I don't exactly know of any way other than trying to edit the color pallet on the ROM. Now, due to my lack of experience, i will say that i have absolutely no idea if a game rendering vector graphics uses the standard color palette of the machine or if it has its own set color value in the ROM.

If the ROM is using the color palette of the machine (emulator in this case), then i don't know any other way to help other than change the color filter to a white.

I hope my basic knowledge of hacking helps at least somewhat.
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