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Default But I WANT to Use DSL Instead of Dial-up!

Alright, here's the situation. We FINALLY got DSL at my house after ages of dial-up. Great! Unfortunately, my desktop machine doesn't seem to want to play nice with it. I tried installing the ISP's software and connecting the LAN cable to that machine first, since I plan for it to be the only wired machine in the house once we get a router. During running the software, the ISP's program could not complete the installation/activation because it was saying it "could not detect the modem". I decided to try my new laptop instead-- no problems at all, didn't have to go through any weird song-and-dance, the ISP's software installed properly, I'm on it right now.

When I have the modem connected to the desktop machine rather than the laptop, the modem's ethernet light is lit, and the light at the back of the machine itself where I plug in the cable is lit as well. I'm using the same cable to connect to either machine... On the desktop machine, it sits there claiming it's acquiring the network address. The Support tab of the connection's status has "Address Type: Invalid IP Address" and for all other info. All settings I've been able to find seem to be identical between the machine that CAN connect and the machine that can't. The computer was once connected to my father's cable internet connection, and that worked fine... I also tried swapping in a brand new ethernet card just in case, didn't fix the problem.

I BELIEVE I correctly tried (may try it once more) ipconfig /release and /renew... while I didn't receive an error, it didn't seem to do anything to fix the problem. Anybody have any other suggestions, or anything you want me to retry, or . . . ? It's really frustrating me right now, especially since we don't have a wireless router for the laptops just yet, and there doesn't seem to be ANY reason this shouldn't work. <img src=smilies/banghead.gif>
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