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Default how to hack gunstar heroes

hi i am new and trying to hack gunstar heroes for sega genesis but i have no idea how i was wondering if anyone here would know of any programs, tips or any other additional information that may help thank you in advance
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You hack it the same way you hack most games... You break shit until something interesting breaks and then you start focusing on the interesting area until you figure it out.

There aren't any utilities for hacking Gunstar Heroes. Outside of the Sonic games, which have a rabid community, there have been very few Genesis games hacked. So you'll have to make do with a hex editor, debugger and a few thousand hours of patience.

The one tip I can give you is to make sure that your ROM is in .bin format, because .smd, .md and other such ROM formats are generally compressed/interleaved/somesuch that makes it a triple bitch to hack. There's a program called SMD BIN WIN or some such (I think they recently renamed it) that can convert Genesis ROMs to and from various formats that you can use if your ROM isn't a .bin. (And just because it has a .bin extension doesn't mean it's correct. I downloaded a Genesis collection once and a lot of the extensions were mislabeled.)
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