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Cool [NES] Metroid 1 hack - "Metroid - Rogue Dawn"

Project working title:
Metroid - Rogue Dawn

Hack development team:

Graphics & Level design:
Game engine modifications:
Title Screen graphics:
Development play testing:
Game music modification:

Storyline / Background:

Text from my post here at romhacking.net explaining the 2 story variations being considered:

This is a prequel and takes place before Samus becomes a bounty hunter. It is an attempt to fill in the missing details at the root of the series. Why is Samus so obsessed with the Metroids? Why does she feel responsible for their eradication? How did the mother brain facility end up with the species on ZEBES? And why did Samus go to the planet SR388 in Metroid 2 to finish off the Metroids, how did she know to go there?

Exact details of the storyline will be released when it is finalized. I can tell you that the similarities between Samus and this main character make complete sense as she is her sister, Dawn Aran. Her own blood is responsible for the greatest threat ever faced by civilization. There are two alternate story lines, the main character remaining a constant. Was Dawn taken as a young child by Ridley when Samus and Dawns parents died? Samus believing all had perished in the encounter, only to have her sister raised and taught in the ways of Ridley's culture of violence and hate? Or did Dawn survive her parents death because she was only a toddler at the time on a distant planet. Raised by relative's, eventually following a career path with the Federation. As an interplanetary investigator with federation law enforcement finally able to track down and investigate the death of her family discovers her sister alive and well. Nurtures and mentors Samus in the ways of human civilization as she has been isolated and raised on the remote planet of Zebes. Eventually Samus joins her amongst the Federation forces following a similar path. Questions still surrounding the death of Samus and Dawns parents lead Dawn to overwhelming evidence that their parents where killed in a failed operation by a corrupt Federation government attempting to kill off their operative Ridley in an effort to wash their hands of him. Discovering countless examples of corruption Dawn is driven to join a small separatist group on Zebes, a rogue operative.... the hate and rage trapped inside once directed to an unknown enemy responsible for her families death now turned on the Federation. Was the Federation responsible for their parents death and an elaborate lie to cover it up? Or is this an elaborate manipulation by Ridley to drive Dawn to do what they are incapable of doing, steal the newly discovered Metroid species from planet SR388....

Obviously the first version is much more simplistic and perhaps a better option for that reason. The second option can be expanded and collapsed depending on where I want to go with it. Either way the blood of Samus's family is at the root of the Metroid threat, the "Dawn" of the Metroid series.....

FYI per the official storyline Samus is in Federation law enforcement before she decides to become a bounty hunter. The storyline of Rogue Dawn takes place before/and or during this transition.

This is still rather rough, input is welcome. Storyline elements will be added in game and is still a work in progress. Everything disclosed in the two story variations would entail what accorded just before the start of Rogue Dawn. Either way you are working against the Federation, your mission being to acquire the newly discovered Species named "Metroid" by the currently scattered and nearly eradicated research teams on the surface of SR388 (same planet as in Metroid 2).

(These screens may further evolve as the project progresses)

Brinstar Area - Ship interior

Norfair Area - Planetary Surface

Kraid Area - Forest/natural environment

Ridley - Derelict/wrecked spaceship

The "Boneyard": - NEW AREA - Inhospitable area stripped of life by the Metroids (Route to final area)

Tourian: - ???? - FINAL AREA
Sorry, you're going to have to play through the hack to see this one.

Additional sub-areas are currently under development..


Currently working on: Constructing final areas, fine tuning ASM code, custom music creation, title screen, additional graphics for new areas (mostly complete), new enemy sprites.

Target release date : 2015 - Summer


How Rogue Dawn will differ from other Metroid hacks (Goals for this hack)


- A vast world to explore unlike any other Metroid hack.

- A world filled with secret areas and discoveries that will push and reward your urge to explore

- Missiles treated with greater value, requiring you to explore and endure interesting challenges to acquire (no more freebies, you can go strait to a boss with 5 missiles if your a lazy explorer).

- A much more Super Metroid like experience due to a new screen scrolling transition technique I'm applying to my level designs (no bubble doors on the planetary surface!). A tremendous evolution in the way you navigate and explore in the original metroid game engine. This method does not require ASM hacks.

- New unique story line that will be part of the in game play, not just a thread post explaining it, you'll discover it by playing the game.

- Game engine modifications by Snarfblam that will change the way you experience Metroid, Level designs created to get the most out the new features and modifications.

Save game feature
Wavy Ice beam
In game map system
Wall jump - New Item
Heal blocks (health charging capability)
Hurt blocks (damaging elements can now be included in the level design)
Spring ball (jump while morphed) - New Item
Morph while in air
Bomb enhancements
And more

- New music!
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