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Default Majora Mask Doubts

Hello everyone, sorry for bothering you but i need your .

So... i am italian and i am trying to make an it translation of this game, which is zelda Majora Mask. Somebody tried it with the PAL (E) version 1.0 of the rom using the spanish. It worked but the translation is SO bad, that's why i am trying to do it again.

There is a problem though.

The pal version is 50hz, which sucks. I know it's impossible to switch it to 60hz. EVEN IF somebody did it with the GC version of the game and a project64 1.7 + Glide64 final. So what i thought was:

"allright, i will copy-paste the italian-translated spanish to that 60hz pal rom!"

but no way. They changed the offset address of some spanish messages, so copy paste cause random messages to appear+crash.

So i tough:

"okay. there is that good tool, scrolls of majora, let's use that!".

No way. You have to expand the 1.0 (U) rom and when it's expanded, the game doesnt work anymore. It has some glitches, it crashes at pause menu... stuff like that.

So i tough:

"ok man. i will translate the (U) 1.1 version with hex editing."
If i don't remember wrong, i even found that, that rom has all 4 languages inside, even in textures(!!!) but only english is accessible in game. And translating english with that little space is a pain.


"a Sword?" 8chars--> "una Spada?"10 chars. you go out of space really quickly.

So..... long story short: how can i escape from all this jargon and finally translate this game? any help is appreciated....
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