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Exclamation The All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. team Project - Ron-Chan's Adventure

This idea should be interesting for those that are SMB1 hackers. No experience needed.

As an experienced SMB1 and SMB2J hacker, you have seen many great SMB1 hacks such as my afterworld 8, AP's aftersmb2j hack, YY's SMB hack, Acmlm's Strange Mario Bros, Googie's team SMB1 hack, Darkdata's Peach SMB1 hack and even more.

Inspired by An SMWC Production, the Insectduel team has decided to do An All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. team project. Of course, I am the team leader and I will also take part of the project such as coding, level designing, graphics designer and even more. The team leader not participate in my own project means that's being lazy so I must take order in my own project. If you already know this, NO ONE hacked All Night Nippon SMB and there are no hacks of that game.

This link has the positions you can take part of the project. And even though I am on the SMB3-SMAS project, I can still insert any made levels to put into my rom.


This video shows that I have knowledge of hacking ANNSMB by experimenting. If anyone is interested to become part of the team project, you can start signing up starting January 4th, 2012.

You're not hacking ANNSMB, you're hacking SMB1 but all proceeds goes to ANNSMB.

Any questions?
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If you'll teach me some basics, I can try build up
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Originally Posted by Insectduel View Post
If you already know this, NO ONE hacked All Night Nippon SMB and there are no hacks of that game.
Are you sure I have hacked All Night Nippon before, I changed the Title Screen to read "Mario Sucks Super Mario Bros" and well as a Graphic hack I tried to create All Night Bugs Bunny's Birthday Bash. Was a really long time ago when I had the Idea to fit Bugs into SMB1. ANNSMB seemed a better fit than the original SMB at the time, of course these were never released.

When I was working on my hacking document for Super Mario Brothers Level Map Bytes, I also looked at ANNSMB but noted that the Level locations for it where different in most places. I could look at it again and find all the offsets or some one could use my doc as a starting place they are in the same location but have different offsets for the levels.

I had made a more complete graphics hack done in XP called Xtra Promo Bros that was based off ANNSMB submitted it to RHDN and it was rejected cause they said it was ugly or something like that. It was ridicules, of them. It patched over SMB1 though, I have it on my website that's currently offline since that whole internet SOPA crap..

At the time when I made that doc I don't remember if it was my hack that had different locations of levels or if it was ANNSMB cause I moved stuff from ANN over to SMB1 to make my hack. For my hack I know for sure that it is different. This has all been years ago now. lol..

Put my site back online for now You can get the Patch of All Night Nippon Xtra Promo that what it says anyway, I'm not sure which game it patches over was a long time ago it should have a readme in there that tells you though, Hopefully.. Patches

Sorry I didn't realize it I hacked the iNES version not FDS and even my doc would be of no use there.
"that was weird, lets do it again"

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