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Default Using 2 gamepads

Hello, I'm trying to play nes roms using Nestopia. The emulator runs smooth, but the problem is trying to run 2 Logitech Dual Action gamepads at once. When we set controller 1 and 2, we select the first usb game controller for one, and the 2nd usb game controller for the other. Then when we set the buttons up in the "input" section, the button commands end up the same. The left d-pad command for controller 1 is the same as 2, and so forth with all the buttons. As a result, both controllers control both characters. For instance, If player 1 presses left, both toons go left. If player 2 presses jump, both toons jump. I was wondering if anyone know of a way around this. Thanks in advance.
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In the "Joysticks" pulldown menu in the input config, check and see how many controllers it's recognizing. If it's just one for both, then that's a problem. Otherwise, setting them independently should get the job done.
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