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you was framed!
I hope there was some kind of IP logs to see where the attack came from. Granted not much can be done about it, but probably a good idea to find out how it happened in some way via proxy/kid in Russia/or a man with a grudge or something.
The pipes never clangor.
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It's easy enough, just check to see who was logged in right around the time stuff disappeared. IPs and users are logged on any competent server.
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Reaper man
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Originally Posted by lnVerse View Post
I had nothing to do with this. In fact, with the exception of April Fools Day and the day after, I haven't even been on the site. I resigned my staff position several weeks ago, so I'm not even sure why my account still had staff privileges.
I know you, and I don't buy that for a second. Also, you could very easily have used a proxy to make it look like someone else hacked into your account. I'm not dumb. As for not removing your CM rights, I was genuinely hoping you'd reconsider or that you were just upset that day and you weren't being serious, because I thought you were doing a decent job. If I had to place money on it, I would say that you pulled this stunt to teach me a lesson somehow, but even though I should have removed your rights right away, what you did was really fucked up, and I can't trust you anymore. Thanks for making me look bad trusting you.
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If you knew anything about me, you'd know that I never denied culpability any time I fucked with this site. Who replaced the front page with a notification that the site was closing due to Zophar's death? Me. Who posted the trojan purporting to enhance the first working N64 emulator the day after it was released? Me. Who fucked up the board when given moderator powers? Me. Who posted a fake PS2 emulator and then linked to a porn site? Me. (You know, you really should remove that link, if not the entire post.) The point being that I've never shied from taking credit for any damage I've done.

You don't need me to do anything to make you look bad. You do that all by yourself. That's why this site is dead, because the purported leader contributes absolutely nothing to it's attempted resurrection. All you do is bitch and whine about none of the staff doing anything when you do absolutely nothing yourself other than lock the occasional thread that offends your skewed sensibilities. You can't even be bothered to delete blatant spam, as this one has been sitting there for over 24 hours now.

(For those not privy to the original discussion, which took place on the staff board, the thing that finally caused me to give up hope on this site was Reaper man getting pissy and removing moderation abilities from staff members because I deleted a blatant spam bot rather than let the spam links build up search engine credibility while waiting for a moderator to show up. (Actually, a moderator had already been active on the board and ignored it, so I also wrote an essay, of sorts, explaining how I determined that it was, in fact, a spam bot, so that the moderators could better detect them in the future.)

Do you want to know why the activity is so low on this board despite the supposedly high traffic to the site itself? It's because the 6 or so people who post here regularly are the only ones who can stand you. Anyone in their right mind probably looks at the site, sees you ranting about Apple, hitting on any female who deigns to post, pimping your retarded video series, bitching about the same stuff over and over again, and promptly heads to another forum.

So I don't need to do anything to make you look bad. There's nothing I could possibly do that would make you look any more repulsive than you just being yourself.
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