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Full Disclosure: This is my own auction. But I'm not posting it in order to boost my sales, as I doubt anyone here is interested in the particular item. Plus I've already cleared it with Reaperman before posting it.

If an auction for something you were interested in was written in a similar comedic fashion, would it make you any less likely to purchase it?

In this case, I don't expect the item to sell for much money and was mostly interested in getting rid of it (and 80% of my possessions, already sold off most of the video game systems, other than the Xbox & Dreamcast.) So to amuse myself, I went a little nutzoid in the description, thinking it might draw in a few more viewers, which might result in someone who's interested enough to pay the minimum bid (which was semi-comedic in it's own right) along with the shipping.

I'm trying to decide if encountering such an auction would affect the likelihood of me bidding on the item and I can't really decide. I think if the item itself looked good and the seller had a decent feedback rating, I probably wouldn't be swayed one way or the other by the text, though I might be more likely to C&P the URL to a few people.
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