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Default SM64 Hacking - Hook Debugger inside ROM

So, here is the problem:
I've been trying to compile a code on Linux (probably only works on Linux, I don't know, but there's a port of the "V64jr send util" for Linux). I'm always getting wrong syntax errors or a "mips64-gcc: cannot execute binary file." error.

So, I tried asking now the original creator of this: "ZZT32" which was a pretty good Zelda 64 hacker and pretty good at hacking other games too.

Generally, this is "a debugger which hooks into N64 games (similarly to Datel's GameShark software). Includes code searching, memory viewing/editing, memory breakpoints, and PC breakpoints." Difference is just, you can actually get it inside the SM64 ROM and use it in an emulator, if I understood correctly.

You can look yourself through the Debugger and download the snapshot from: "Download Snapshot" to get it. Could anyone try to compile it with Linux? (You may requiere GCC -> MinGW, etc. Try it please.)


Try to cd to "n64db-code-172-trunk/n64db" and then "make". If it works, it should ask for the "SM64 ROM" (the original US version). If it does so, go to "n64db-code-172-trunk/rom" and put the SM64 ROM in there and call it: "MARIO64".

Maybe someone have used that debugger already and knows how to fix this. If anyone wants the error messages, please say so.

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