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Default HELP!! How do I use save files?? [EXPANDED with CEpeep discussion]

I am using a SNES9x emulator. I would like to have access to all of the levels in Donkey Kong Country 2; thus, I downloaded a save file for it.

However, I do not know how to use this pre-played save file. I extracted both the game and the save files from their respective .zip files. I unblocked each file under Properties. But now I don't know how to access the save file in the game.

With SNES9x, there are nine save slots. Which one does it go to, if it goes to any of them at all? How do I access this save file so that I can finally play it?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!!

- JR

EDIT: Wait, there's more! CEpeep and I have been going back and forth over PM trying to figure this thing out. Neither of us have cracked the puzzle yet, though that's probably my fault. The following is our conversation; follow along and somebody can FINALLY figure this out!

CEpeep: "Name the save state file the same name as your ROM and put it in the same directory, i.e: c:\ROMs\DKC2.smc means that you would put the save as: c:\ROMs\DKC2.srm. Then just use the save state loading function in the emulator. Hope that helps."

Juno: "Well I have two questions then. One, where can I find the save state loading function in my SNES9x emulator? And two, my game filename appears to simply be "Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest," exactly like that sans quote marks, with no .smc. So what should I do?"

CEpeep: "I don't have SNES9x on my computer right now to tell you about the menus, but I think they're under the File menu. Look around and I'm sure you'll find them. Just put the srm file in the same folder as the ROM and name it Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest.srm"

Juno: "The thing with SNES9x is that under File, it says Load Game, and then there's nine slots... but my renamed SRM file doesn't appear in any of them. I go to Load Game, the only other "loading" option, and it only allows me to access the ROMs in the listing (essentially it changes the game)."

CEpeep: "The name of your file won't appear in any of the slots. They will just say "Slot 1", "Slot 2", etc. Most of the authors put their game in Slot 1, so try loading that one first and see if it does anything. If not, try out the rest."

Juno: "I did what you said, trying each one, being careful each time to not accidentally select "Save" and overwrite the potential contents of any slot... and none of them worked. I went under File and clicked on this thing called "ROM information," and copied its contents. I'll paste them here, and perhaps you can diagnose something based on them:

File: C:\Documents and Settings\Andrew\My Documents\SNES9x [1.43]\Games\Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest\Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest.smc.smc
Speed: 31/FastROM
Type: 02
Kart contents: ROM+RAM+BAT
Header ROM Size: 32Mbits
Calculated ROM Size: 32 Mbits
SRAM size: 2KB (16Kbit)
Actual Checksum: 9860
Header Checksum: 9860
Header Checksum Compliment: 679F
Output: NTSC 60Hz
CRC32: 4E2D90F4
Licensee: Nintendo
ROM Version: 1.1

...and I'm not sure what to do. Maybe I'm renaming the files the wrong way. I go into Properties, and simply add the .srm to the end of the save file. You know, it came with another file, called "Donkey2," which is a 1 KB FRM file. Should I do anything with that?"

CEpeep: "The problem is that your original ROM has a double extension (.smc.smc) delete one .smc and you should be good to go."

Juno: "Okay, I removed the second .smc, and checked the "ROM Information" to confirm that it only has one now, but it still won't work. I went through all nine slots.... "

...and that's where we left off. Can anyone help me? C'mon, the people here know more about computers than most, especially emulation. Surely there's somebody who's mastered this stuff?

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Default Re: HELP!! How do I use save files??

> Thanks in advance for any and all help!!
> - JR

I just replied to your PM about this, but in the future, don't PM mods about stuff like this. Your post has only been here for like 2 and a half hours. Someone would have helped you out shortly.
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Juno Reactor
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Well, look at this! MegaManJuno examined the discussion between CEpeep and myself, picked up on the trail, and using his investigative skills, he offered the *winning* answer. See below for the solution!

MegaManJuno: "Sorry, I'm not familiar with SNES9x's setup. I'm a ZSNES user myself. I've seen your updated post with CEpeep's suggestions and it's the same things I would suggest. You may want to make sure you don't have a double extension on the SRM file as well. It sounds like you've got Windows hiding file extensions. If you want to change this, you'll have to open Explorer and look for the option in the Tools->Folder Options... menu. In there, you want the View tab, and look for "Hide extensions for known file types". (I'm assuming you are running XP?). If you don't want it to hide the extensions, then clear the checkbox next to that item, and apply the changes."

I can't thank MegaManJuno and CEpeep enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you, it's FINALLY working for me now.

Somebody should really put my dilemma--and its solution--into an FAQ or something to help people in the future. When I get some time, I might do a write-up myself and submit it to an FAQ for exactly that purpose.

Thanks again, everybody. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!
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> Thanks again, everybody. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

...until the next crisis <img src=smilies/retard.gif>
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The 9th Sage
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> Thanks again, everybody. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

See you next mission! <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif>
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