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Default Garbled soundtracks

I love this site so much, I've been getting music from Zophar for a while but there is one problem I've noticed.
Ever since Zophar's Domain changed and people can now download files already in mp3 format , some of the mp3s for some soundtracks sound warped when I play them, though not on the sample on the site (those ones sound right).
Normally what I did when that happened was to just download the original files and convert them myself (like before) but in this case the OST I am trying to get either has some songs garbled and distorted or is in the XMA format , which I cannot convert.
I've tried to download several "supposed" XMA converters, but none of them even recognize the file type.
So I hope someone on this site can fix the files.
There are other soundtracks that have this warped audio (not each song but some) but the only one I can remember right now is Sonic adventure DX
but that one had original files that were easy to convert.
Please help, it is the soundtrack for Disneyland adventures for Xbox.
If someone could re upload so that each track is normal, I realize it is over 500 songs but most of them are very short (like 0 or 1 second long) if not I may just have to play the songs from this site and record them from the computer myself but the volume and quality wouldn't match the other songs that do sound right, help would be much appreciated.
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