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Default Re: How does one use ISOs?

Have no worries, g-funk; it's cool. Anyway, http://www.daemon-tools.ccDaemon Tools</a> should be your best bet. Think of an ISO as a "virtual CD" and Daemon Tools as a "virtual CDROM". After you install Daemon, just right click on the little lightning bolt in your system tray, select "Mount Image", and then choose the ISO you want. This will put the "virtual CD" in the "virtual CDROM" and allow you to access the ISO like a physical drive inside your computer. Just point any emulator to the fake drive Daemon creates and everything should work fine.

ePSXe will handle PSX, or Playstation, ISOs only. For PC Engine or Amiga, you'll need different emulators -- check out the related sections here at Zophar's Domain.

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Default THANKS for all your help!! NNTR(no need to reply)

> > What will play PC and amiga ISOs?
> Not sure, but you are better either bruning them to a CD, or
> moutning them as a virtual drive with Dameon Tools (as
> icenine0 stated)

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Default Re: How does one use ISOs?

> that qualifies as GASP/PSX since I don't know what that is.
> Will ePSXe handle both?

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Default Re: How does one use ISOs?

Your last question was in fact not answered, so:

PC ISOs: you dont need any emulator...they are PC CDs. Either burn them on CD or use a virtual drive, and use them the way you would use any other PC CD, like Morrowind or Diablo or whatever.

Amiga ISOs: Unless you have Amiga CD-32 ISOs, what you have are ROMs. The best Amiga emulator is WinUAE, which you can find at...err, just do a google search. Its a pain to setup, though. And you need a kickstart 3.1 ROM to make it work, and that is not especially easy to find. Personally, I gave up on Amiga emulation. Its just not convenient.

You will need a PSX BIOS for ePSXe. Do a google search for scph1001. The file you want is named scph1001.bin
You'll need plugings too; you can find those at zophar.net
The best ones are Pete's OGL GPU (OpenGL graphic processing unit) and Eternal SPU (sound processing unit). You dont need a CD-ROM plugin unless you play your PSX games from CDs - which you shouldnt do.

Configured properly, your games will look much nicer than on the real PSX (PSX = Playstation).

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Default I think I'll glom onto this topic with a question...

How do you know if your CD (or DVD) ROM drive can read subcodes properly? So you can read the subcodes that are a part of your CD (say, for a Playstation game) so that they also exist in the ISO?

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