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Default Another drunk post


I am drunk. Hell, i have drunk a bottle of white wine and have just taken a glass of disaronno ammeretto strait! I will take another before the end of this email. I ran out of wine! (currently it is hard to see what i am writing)

I am going down memory lane.

I remember when i was naive.

I remember arguing with quasius (who has long disappeared - oh please come back) and danoz with bad grammar (which i still have). Danoz, you were right about somethings and wrong about others. How the hell were you were able to learn Japanese! I only learn when i am in Japan getting pissed out of my mind wiht my father in law!!!!!! It is funny, he is a good man who spent his life in jobs which require drunkedness!!. Me and him get along splendedly

I hate my job.

That is the reality. I make a fortune. I make alot of money but i hate it. (i make in excess of $30 american an hour, canadian taxes take away about 40% or more of it - i have difficuly affording a house)

Why do I hate it? I hate the company. I hate the union I am forced to pay money too.


They screw each other up! ( i would use more...well descriptive terms but i dont know how sensitive this forum is) ( funny, i have been here long before swampgas took over this site) .

The company awards bootlickers ( i know, i know, we all experience them. You know, the type that are more experience at licking manager assholes and sucking cocks than actually doing their job!!). Meanwhile the mangers have no problem telling you how much shittier you are than the bootlickers (who have no technical ability - who cant even solve a basic problem of the job - time and time again)0 meanwhile you keep the company running while the bootlickers give blowjobs to the managers

That is the american and canadian way!!! We are closer neighbours than you think. Now that i have money, i wish i had a doctor that will gtve me more htan 10 minutes!

Furthermore, the union protects and rewards the people who do nothing. (It has been more than one ocaaison than i walked through my workplace and seen people litterally snoring (much more than one occaisson)

It is funny, I am much more conservative than i would have been 5 years ago. i dont support GW Bush because he is a dumbass. But, their ideals, fiscal responsibility is priceless. Unfortunaely, they do not live up to it. They are worse than liberals. (*cough* * cough* look at any conservative government - spend more money for friends and cut taxes and raise deficits (same in canada as in the US!! - we are so much closer than you think. I would not be surprised to see Canada (except quebec) and the US to merge in the future Ofcourse thats politics in generally. Lies lies lies. I am sure Danoz would even agree with that! Whoever met an honest politician!!!!.

But, i hate my job. I have a wonderful wife. She is so wonerful. She spoils me so much!!. Cooking for me, cleaning after me. She is like one of htose dream housewives. She never believes me ofcourse.

The one good thing about my job is that i proboaly saved 20k for retirement. I drive an 04 car. . I love my wife. She is a good woman (even though she has low self esteem).I am so spoiled. I have a wife from the 40s or 50s!!!.

She is wonderful though.

I hate my job. I make a fortune but i am stuck in an awful situationa because i most of my money gets taken away by taxes. Doctors,, only take 10 minutes to look at me. I cannot get my problems diagnosed. They are to impatient, they only take 10 minutes to diagonose me. Otherwise, they do not get paid.

I want to be diagnosed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick of suffering problems. Itg is not cancer (hopefully), but it tiakes me 4 weeks to see a doctor and they cannot give me more than 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!!

I love my wife. I hate my job, and my politicians are liars. I guess that is the life of all canadians and americans.

I apologize greatly for my grammar - i am pissed out of my mind. This is my second glass of ammerettto!!!)

I love ZD. Someday , me and Danoz (and whoever else, need to get together in person with are wives and gf and argue over politics over a nice good clean beer) . What do you think Danoz??????????

A good old argument over beer. If you ever do get to Tokyou, maybe we can have one together when i go over and visit my wife's family!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default Re: Another drunk post

This is not just western culture. Its the whole fucking world.<img src=smilies/thumb.gif>
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Default Re: Another drunk post

Great post. I'm really hoping Ron Paul does some pro-free market damage down here, although the whole leech/screwjob/Illuminati establishment will find some way to deflate his influence.

Oh well. I'm of the opinion that you can only really have a personal victory over all the bullshit in the world. Just do your best to avoid all the schemers and leeches aiming to drown you in debt and indentured servitude, preserve your wealth, and sock away cash until you can escape the system.
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Default Re: Another drunk post

> Alright,


enjoyed your post.

1) if your wife is as awesome as you say, quit that shit job and do something else, even if it means you guys are "poor" for the moment.

2) medical industry workers don't know as much as they would like to think. and as corporate business goes, the industry values relative to healing are corrupt or off balance. spend some time reading into natural healing and homeopathic remedies. or talk to someone that has already spent a lot of time studying that area. there is a HUGE alternative healthcare world out there. people in the mainstream seem to be skeptical of it because that's good for business.

3) you just might start feeling better once you quit that job.
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Default Re: Another drunk post

Hey, good drunk post .

Don't remind me of the backroom politics of my youth . I think you'd be surprised by my politics today. Those of you who found me intolerable were arguing with a brick wall that listened to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh everyday. I'm far more concerned with international politics these days. I'm getting ready to graduate in intern in Washington D.C. in January. Life is good, and I hope you're doing well--

Let me know if you have any questions about my politics these days, and I'm always up for a beer
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