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I agree. Nintendo didn't make a compelling enough argument with the DSi. I shouldn't be sitting here thinking "Which one of these systems do I want? DS Lite or DSi?"

The decision should have been much easier to make.

Originally Posted by Maximum Potion View Post
It probably just needs time I guess. But honestly i'm not seeing the appeal of the DSi, mostly because I use a supercard SD with super key for my DS emulation (emulation ON DS, not emulation OF DS), and since it's a GBA slot flash cart, I'd have to get something new. From what I understand the DSi is a DS without a GBA slot with a camera and some improved hardware, right? Besides I heared that the Supercard has some Extra RAM in it that some programs can access.
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You can find reviews on GBA flashcarts here:
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Originally Posted by coolie View Post
The ARM7 is still in the unit, and the ARM7 is what powers a GBA. I think someone will be clever enough to run GBA software straight from one of those cards, making the lack of Slot 2 a moot point.
You can't run GBA software from Slot-1 with a regular DS. As soon as you would boot into GBA mode, a...compatibility mode (if that's the right phrase) starts, and it acts like a regular GBA. It can access only GBA hardware. As far as the games are concerned the system is a GBA.

If it was possible people would have done it with a regular DS by now. People have tried like crazy to do something like this. The only way would be an emulator, and I find it unlikely that the DS or DSi is powerful enough for a full-on GBA emulator. I guess it's possible the DSi has some special mode for running GBA games downloaded from DSiware or something, but it seems like they could just port the games...apparently GBA games aren't so difficult to port to the DS as they are so similar (at least that is what I hear from people who have programmed both).
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.


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Ive got a SuperCard SD that i have used with my DS Phat, but it should work with your GBA SP as well. It was pretty cheep and good in that it uses SD cards (of which i had many already). It also has the built in capability to play NES, GB, PCE and SMS games.
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