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Default Adding Content (N64 Games)

Yea so I am in need of some things if there is any out there for the N64

Map Editor/Creator Program
Text Editor
Event Editor(like Storyline and stuff also for side things. =)

Anyway I have about 3 games i have in mind of adding to

Super Mario Bros
Ogre Battle 64
Quest 64

Yea but anyway I wanted to ask for some programs needed for each game and probably where i could find them.

Please help

Kinda Regards

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Assuming you're meaning Super Mario 64, there are several tools for hacking it. (If you mean the original Super Mario Bros, there are even more, but I assume since everything else is N64 related that you mean SM64.

As for the other two games, you're probably out of luck. The only hack that appears to exist for Ogre Battle 64 is one that makes lycanthropes a playable class. There doesn't appear to be any Quest 64 hacks at all.

N64 hacking is still relatively new and very little has been done beyond the absolute most popular games. From what I can tell, there are really only level editors available for three games: Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time and F-Zero 64. If you want to hack the other games, you're going to have to learn to program and put in a few hundred hours of work to uncover the data and then write your own level editors.

And no, you're not going to find anyone else to do the work for you. In all honestly, your best bet in getting someone to code a level editor for a game that hasn't been thoroughly hacked is to discover a cure for AIDS, find a top notch programmer who has AIDS and then promise him the cure in exchange for a level editor.
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