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Default Super Metroid Complete Level Hack (Update)

Not your average hack that floats around with twisty undetailed corridors. My compulsive behavior has focused on the past 6 months of care for gameplay, and make it easier for the players to enjoy. (no way in hell am I making secret areas obvious however) with that said, I have no new screen shots because of me horrible modem speeds right now, but allow me to post my progress....

1)Crateria had been re-tiled for the demo, that is now SCRAPPED

2)Reconstruction, remapping for an entirley new and Different Crateria is 90% finished Retiling will come soon after

3) Finished areas are Brinstar Norfair, and now Tourian, yes, Tourian is now bigger, badder, and meaner. The last area finally is truely the hardest, that is to say you don't use savestates, when first time playing anything, I don't

4) Metroids, those cute little creatures that were oh so slow and easy to kill in the original SM now give you a reason to be scared and annoyed by them, as they are not slow pokes anymore, and if you don't freeze them within a second of sighing them, they will surley get you. These are metroid, supposedly threatening the universe, they're GOTTA be deadly....

5)Thanks to kejardon, I have new items underway, the ones I'll list here are....
-Wall Jump Boots (samus cannot wall jump without them) now before someone complains, she'll get them early on in the game, don't worry, I'm not preventing huge sequence breaks, I'm trying to make other items acutally useful for something (i'm talking to you graple beam)
-Spring bombs (replacement for springball) Boosts you higher than a normalbomb jump and (if I can ever get these to work right) when dagonal bombing, samus is propelled at boosting speeds across the screen for about one to 1.5 screens, braking certain speed block, and allowing for new morphball obsticals....
- Screw Attack is now the most annoying item to get used to, but useful.... Samus now lunges forward in a swift and deavestating attack on enemies up to a screen away. this also makes samus turn freely in mid air, and also as fast...
-Beam Combo, originally jathy's idea, this item is on the wish list. nothing done on this item as of yet.

6) Physics- Samus's jumping speed is now realistic, and not that annoying floating leap like the original, she jumps almost as fast as zero mission, but same height as SM, spin jumping one direction in the air is normal, however if you try to turn back, like real life, you'll have a hard time, it''s possible, but slow.

7) The trailer (forget screens) Comming at sometime within the summer.

I'm not giving up on this hack, just making sure that when I am done, NO single room will be recognizable.... that takes time..... one tile at a time =)

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