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Default Hoping someone can dummy down fce ultra's cheat interface

Hi there, and first, sorry if this is the wrong section for this post. I am hoping someone can help me to understand the cheat interface in fce ultra a bit better, or perhaps it's hex i need to understand better. I understand it in it's most basic level, i'e. how to locate and set a value controlled by a single address, i.e. in gradius i can set the number of lives, set the position of the cursor for the specials select, and lock the strength of the shield ( it has a normal strength of 6 hits), but how do you determine addresses for values that exceed 255? Specifically, i'm looking at the original dragon warrior game. supposing i want to lock my coin at 99999, which is enough to afford any item in the game, because frankly i hate worrying about money. or say i want to lock my hp at 9999, or some other adjustment of that nature. how do i find these values? any assistance would be greatly appreciated. for reference, i'm using the august 2nd 2008 release of fceux
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it depends on the game, really

I've seen a game where each digit was stored as a byte. (1942, I think)

others might be stored as a 16 bit (65536) value. EDIT: Yeah even nes games can have these... silly me

anyway, if it does, you have to take endianness into account. Take the number 10,000, which in hex is 27 10. In motorola based CPUs, it's stored in memory as 10 27.

it could also be possible that it's 2 digits per byte. I guess I could take a lookie.

EDIT: both gold and exp are stored as 16 bit values, which are byte swapped (little endian)

0x8BA= Exp. set to FF FF for 65536 EXP. You'll level will automatically go to 30 as well as your stats
0x8BC= Gold. Set to FF FF for 65536 gold. That's the highest abount of gold you can get in the game

the rest can be found in the ram map provided by Zophar

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Go there. This site has RAM maps for many games, including Dragon Warrior which you mentioned. On a side note, DW3 uses 16 bit and higher values to store things like HP... just so you know.

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