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Default CPS2 Sample Rip Help (Start, End, Loop points)


I've been wanting to rip the instrument samples from some CPS2 games (starting with Super Street Fighter II Turbo, so examples referring to it would be helpful) and put together a Soundfont for nostalgia/novelty's sake, but I need some assistance.

I've been able to open up the sound ROMs in GoldWave and get at the raw audio data well enough (I think, anyway... PCM signed 8 bit mono, correct? Any particular frequency?), but finding the exact points for looping, proper frequencies, and other such values is more difficult.

From what I've read, it should be possible to find these values using an emulator, but I have no idea how to go about doing this (I know very little about the technical side of emulation... about the most in-depth I've gone is screwing around with RAM values using stuff like ArtMoney and MAME and Kawaks' cheat-finder tools).

I found [url="http://www.terra.es/personal/mahorna/neojuke/qsound.htm"]this page[/url] which seems like it might be helpful, if I had any idea where to look for these values.

I also have a debug version of MAME ready to run, I just have no clue as to what to do with it. :P And I also have Nebula's jukebox, which should help in isolating individual sample data, because it lets me know what sample is playing on which channel and when.

Any help, no matter how obvious (like I said, I'm a total n00b when it comes to this stuff, so I don't mind being talked down to as long as I can learn how to get this stuff done) would be greatly appreciated.

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