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Azul Fria
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Default FTX3 v1.57b

(view videos preview)

FTX 3 turns a PC in a VIDEO GAME Frontend / DIVX Multimedia Player / MP3 / PHOTO / game consoles and ARCADE. You can also install it in a box-type PC Multimedia Home cinema, making it a HTPC/VIDEO GAME. NO need a keyboard or mouse, once installed it can automatically start and become completely autonomous.

Language : ENGLISH and FRENCH

More than 42 managed systems

M.A.M.E, SuperNes, nes, Arcadia 2001, Channel F, PC Engine, ColecoVision, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Vectrex, Playstation 1, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Flipper, Intellivision, Sega SATURN, PC Games, SEGA 32X,SEGA MasterSystem, SEGA GENESIS, SEGA MEGACD, ATARI JAGUAR, Amstrad GX4000, AMIGA CD 32, GAME CUBE, WII, GBA, PC-ENGINE CD, LYNX, Philips CDI, GAMEGEAR, GAMEBOY N/B, GAMEBOY COLOR, NEOGEO POCKET, WONDERSWAN, VIRTUALBOY, NAOMI 2, NEOGEOCD, SEGA MODEL 2, PS2, Sega MODEL 3, 3DO, Nintendo DS, SONY PSP, Taito Type x


- 2 languages ??ENGLISH and FRENCH (Part FTX3 setup and of course under FTX3 user interface, and documentation)

- New System Installation Manual or AUTO for FTX3, the automatic mode will install in a few mouse click
all systems effortlessly , easy and fast.....

or all kinds of joystick button 12 pc

- Adding an additional mode of control of the interface FTX3, "a single pad control".

- Detection of joystick and joystick port after the reconnaissance requirement to run some emulators.

- Possibility to define a DeadZone for mouse emulation via the joystick

- Added the 3DO console, added TAITO Type-X and X2 , Added the Nintendo DS, Added the Sony PSP

- Possibility to create arcade cabinet in the Games MAME and save them online, with added images on cabinet, flyers, can then create a firm with my 3D
editor supplied with more than 14 different offices or you will be able to map graphics to create your arcade cabinet. Two examples already
Online preview:

asteroid us (rev 1), and donkey kong us (set 1) FTX3'll see them in, turn around and see as if you were there.

- Ability to create themes, skin and the FTX3 for customize ftx3.

- New system for the import of GAMES, MOVIES, MUSIC a manual mode that lets you choose the directory or
data are stored and choose what you want to import.

- possibilities to choose the repetoire default or custom storage for music, movies, photo

- Choice possible to transfer data instead of copying if it is the same HD (therefore faster)

- Test Compatibility Winodws 8, OK ......
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