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Default Man, why does my grandpa have to be an ass sometimes?

My gramps succeeded in making me feel like shit on Sunday. I thought since nothing was on TV, we could get Rat Race on PPV, cuz me and my mom had wanted to see it for a while. I ordered it before my friend called and we decided to go out and see a movie. It didn't matter cuz the PPV on digital cable is for a 24 hour period, so if anyone wanted, they could watch something else and it wouldn't matter. My grandpa apparently didn't understand that. He was over here because he recently had surgery and he was feeling kinda fucked up, and since we said he can stay here if he ever feels like it, he came over.

Anyways, about 10 minutes into Rat Race, and about a minute or 2 before my friend and I were gonna leave to see The Time Machine, my gramps is like "I think I'm gonna go." His reason? Rat Race! It "wasn't his style". So I basically inadvertantly drove my grandpa out of the house. No matter what I think about him being an idiot and not realizing that we can change the channel, that shit rests on my conscience and I feel like shit for it. I didn't think about it for much of the rest of that day, but it just reentered my mind now.

Bleh....if there's one thing I have a problem with, it's dwelling on the past. My mind loves to relive all the bad moments of my life. This fucked up college schedule I have right now isn't helping either...getting back at 9 pm then having to wake up at 8, therefore getting either my nighttime or a good night's sleep robbed from me...argh! It's like this every Monday and Wednesday night. The only good thing about my schedule is that my week starts at 1 pm Monday and ends at 12:30 pm Thursday. So my weekends are LOOONG. Still...night classes suck major ass.

Ok, so my mom has a nice little talk with me about my lack of socializing n stuff. Ok so it wasn't a nice little talk...she talks down to me when she talks about my mostly non-social life. If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that she's been a horrible parent as well as a horrible role model for me, so anytime she attempts to give me advice, I see it as a lecture. This time I really wish she hadn't struck up a conversation with me, because it took up the rest of my work time, so I got little eBay work done tonight, which will result in her yelling at me tomorrow. Funny how that shit works.

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